Ericsson Media SOlutions

Find us on the Ericsson booth @ 1.D61

This year we have four engaging stand areas showcasing both the innovation that we believe will drive the future, alongside real, deliverable software & service solutions needed to compete today. 

Zone 1



Ericsson offers end to end processing portfolio solutions for contribution and primary distribution customers, in order to enable Service and Content Providers to securely and efficiently deliver their content across different networks, whilst maintaining quality.

In this area we address:

  • MediaFirst Content Processing product launch with very low latency UHDTV decoding application
  • Distributed Cloud Contribution - including MediaFirst Content Processing launch and operational flexibility
  • Dense Contribution use cases including remote production - AVP HEVC Quad card
  • Securing primary distribution content with RX8200 Watermarking technology
  • The latest advances in compliance with standards and the move towards an 'All IP' world 

Zone 2



Ericsson enables Broadcasters, Telcos, Cable Operators and Content Aggregators to drive efficient differentiation and new revenue opportunities into their service line-ups offering high quality live, linear and on-demand capabilities on the most applicable and advanced platforms in the market today. 

In this area we address:

  • Pushing boundaries and defining the evolution for Broadcast processing
  • Video On Demand content delivery – complementing live, linear solutions and driving end to end service propositions
  • Multiscreen TV – Optimizing TCO service delivery efficiency
  • Agile cloud operations
  • Advanced advertising
  • Ericsson's Unified Delivery Network (UDN)

Zone 3



With the connected consumer becoming ever more demanding of advanced experiences, access and quality from advanced media and television services, Ericsson is unifying its unique consumer insights with cutting edge design and technology to create a seamless, personal, intuitive and delightful experience for TV consumers on any device.

In this area we address:

  • MediaFirst TV Platform – Consumer Experience
  • MediaFirst TV Platform – Management Portal
  • Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP)
  • Enabling OTT to deliver a superior consumer experience
  • Showcasing superior UHD HDR picture quality
  • Launch of SDR/HDR Conversion (Inverse Tone Mapping) with MediaFirst Encoding Live

Zone 4



Here we outline thought leadership and demonstrate our vision of how the consumer experience will change concerning 360 and VR content, provoking discussion of how this will realistically augment a 4K HDR broadcast delivery to the home, providing the viewer with an enhanced immersive experience.

In this area we address:

  • Our vision of how 360 and VR video might augment the 4k HDR broadcast experience
  • How 360 and VR content cani be monetized?
  • Solutions of how 360 and VR content could be efficiently delivered to be cost effective
  • We ask - how should this new content be produced and what other application types are there?

Have we piqued your interest in a particular zone, or are you interested in all that Ericsson has to showcase? Let us schedule a tour catering to your specific interests!